buying or building

Buying or building?

Once you found where you wish to live or you have decided to own a property to create passive income, your next question should be: buying or building?

4 islands near Bali to check out

Bali is not the only place in South Indonesia where you can find amazing landscapes, virgin beaches, and great investment opportunities. These three Islandsreal estate, opportunities don’t last long!

4 ways to buy or sell a property

Investing in Bali, or in Indonesia in general, can be scary and stressful due to the language barrier, the difficulty of navigating the local regulation system, or the fear of being screwed by untrustworthy people.

3 investors profiles

3 investors profiles

Before wondering how to find the best deals available in the market, define your “Why”. Why do you want to invest in a particular asset or location? What is your big idea?


Can foreigners own land in Indonesia

One of the main considerations when thinking about investing in real estate is the ownership status of the property. Do you want to own it “forever” (Freehold title) or do you prefer to use the property for a certain period of time (Leasehold title) and then move on to the next one?

4 most popular places of Bali

The 4 most popular places of Bali

In this article, we will share some insight into the Balinese real estate market and offer data we gathered about the four main investment areas of the Island of the Gods (Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu and Ubud)

Is Bali still a good place to invest in

Is Bali (still) a good place to invest in?

Indonesia is a market of more than 260 million inhabitants with an increasingly important middle class in large urban centres. The growth rate has averaged around 5% in recent years, with inflation under control at less than 4%.

Articles 4 hot spots Bali

4 hot spots to invest in Bali

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This is one of the many reasons why wise investors have been investing part of their capital in real estate on the Island of Gods for many years.